Thursday, 21 January 2016

MISTEYES Debut Album 'Creeping Time' due out April 8, 2016 via MAPLE METAL RECORDS
MISTEYES Facebook page

PAGANFEST did not tour in Canada this year, so Maple Metal Records is proud to present TORONTO FOLK / EPIC METAL FEST 2015 !
Together on one stage are some of Canada's Best Folk & Epic Metal bands!
"A Celebration of Beer, Metal & Debauchery !"

Nordheim, Battlesoul, Protokult, Distoriam, Valkyrie's Cry, Tsargrad

DRAKARIUM (Canada) Sign with Maple Metal Records to Release their Debut EP 'DrakariuM' on Nov. 17th, 2015 Worldwide, with Pre-Release Sales shipping on Nov. 12th! (MMR024)

DRAKARIUM - Drakarium recommended in the Top 30 Power Metal releases of 2015 by Headbangers Latino America Webzine

CRIMSON SUN (Finland) Ink Deal with Maple Metal Records to Release their Debut Album 'Towards the Light' (MMR022) & 'The Border' EP (MMR023) on Aug. 3rd, 2015 Worldwide
CRIMSON SUN Facebook page
The Border (EP)

YONDER REALM (Long Island, NY, USA) Ink Deal with Maple Metal Records to Release Latest Album 'The Old Ways' Feb. 14th Worldwide
PR on Metal Shock Finland

SONIC PROPHECY (Utah, USA) Sign with Maple Metal Records
to Release New Album 'Apocalyptic Promenade' 
Worldwide on March 24th, 2015 !

Maple Metal Agency presents an EPIC METAL FEST:
Sat. Jan 17th, 2015 @ Bovine Sex Club, Toronto, ON
Facebook Event Page
CLAIM THE THRONE (Australia) 'Forged in Frost USA/CA Tour Jan. 2015'
with NORDHEIM, PRIMALFROST, & PROTOKULT on select dates:
'Forged in Frost' TOUR Page on Facebook

REASONS BEHIND Sign with Maple Metal Records
Debut full-length Album 'The Alpha Memory' release date Dec. 1st, 2014 !
Elisa 'Ely' Bonafe of REASONS BEHIND

Maple Metal Agency Presents:
METAL DIVAS FEST I in Toronto on Nov. 29, 2014

 At Dawn's Edge -Toronto, ON
@ Metal Divas Fest I , Nov.29

Booking Now for METAL DIVAS FEST II in Toronto, May 2015
Confirmed: Merkabah (Ca) above / tbc: Reasons Behind (It) below

Eclipse Prophecy (CA) on 4 Canadian Dates with The North American Thrash Invasion Tour 2014
supporting Onslaught (UK), Artillery (Dk), VX36 (US) in November
Fb Page: North American Thrash Invasion Tour 2014

Maple Metal Promotions Presesnts 
Protokult, Primalfrost, Karkaos, Tsargrad @ the Bovine Sex Club
Toronto, ON - Sat. July 26th
Facebook Event Page

SuddenFlames Sign with Maple Metal Records to release their 2nd album "Under the Sign of the Alliance" - Worldwide Release Date 06.06.14

MERKABAH Ink Deal with Maple Metal Records to release their 3rd album "Ubiquity" - Worldwide Release Date: 04.04.14
Shipping Now !

Toronto's PRIMALFROST Ink Deal with Maple Metal Records to release their debut full-length album "Prosperous Visions" - Released Feb. 2014
More photos of Primalfrost at this location Toronto Xmas Metal-Massacre Fest

Maple Metal Records presents an "Xmas Metal-Massacre Fest"
In Toronto, on Sat. Dec 7th at the Hard Luck Bar with Nordheim, Burning the Day, Will of the Ancients, Eclipse Prophecy, Endemise, Primalfrost
Photos on the Facebook Event page

VALFREYA Canadian Tour Flyer - Oct. to Dec. 2013

Italy's Symphonic gothic metallers TOTHEM Sign with Maple Metal Records to release their 2013 full-length album 'Beyond the Sea'

Canadian Power metallers THALION Sign with Maple Metal Records to 
Release their Debut Album 'Dawn of Chaos'

Melodic death/black metallers ENDEMISE Sign with Maple Metal Records to release their sophomore album 'Far From the Light'
Breaking news posted on Bravewords

Photos of the shoot for New Video 'Edge of the Earth'.  Just released on YouTube!

Symphonic death/black metallers CRYPTIK HOWLING Ink Worldwide Distribution deal with Maple Metal Records for 3rd album 'Synthetic Ascension DesignBRAVEWORDS
Breaking news posted on BRAVEWORDS

Tech-death metallers DERELICT Ink Distribution Deal with Maple Metal
Breaking News posted on Bravewords

NORDHEIM - Refill (MMR013) Worldwide May 13th !
Released May 1st in North America !

Maple Metal Records sign melodic death metallers YOUR LAST WISH, to release their second album "Desolation" worldwide (North American release May 1st, worldwide June 4th)
YOUR LAST WISH on Facebook

YOUR LAST WISH, FACE OFF, ECLIPSE PROPHECY, SANGRE ETERNA New Songs Streaming on the Bravewords Audio Player

ECLIPSE PROPHECY Worldwide Release Date March 5th / 2013

4 Songs Streaming on BRAVEWORDS

ARKONA Canadian Tour 2013 with VALFREYA as direct Support

April 18 - May 4, 2013 (16 Canadian Cities)
Scroll Down for VALFREYA photos

ECLIPSE PROPHECY - Days of Judgement 
(physical CD release date March 5th, 2013 - digital 2012) 

Photos of ECLIPSE PROPHECY (Montreal, QC, Canada)

FACE OFF - The Colour of Rain  
(2.14.2013) MMR011
For more Photos of FACE OFF (scroll down)
Like FACE OFF on facebook

SANGRE ETERNA - Through the Waves of Agony
New Single - Click on the links to the right

MMR Ink Deal with Alternative Metal band FACE OFF

RIYL Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, Within Temptation, etc
Like FACE OFF on facebook
News at Blabbermouth
News at Bravewords
Femme Metal Webzine
Female Fronted Rock Zine
Heavy Hard Metal Mania
The Metal Review
Rock Symphony Radio Zine (sp)
M.E.B. Zine (pt)
Serbian-Metal Zine
Live Promo

VALFREYA - new photo shoot on Facebook !
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Click on the photos to enlarge
CROOK - vocals

L. to R: Pinch, Graz'zt, Karhu, Shark

SANGRE ETERNA - Asphyxia (2012)
"You might hear the distinctive buzzsaw guitar tones and gothic keyboard work and instantly assume this was recorded in Sweden--probably even at the legendary Sunlight Studios where said sound was invented. But you would be wrong. Hailing from Serbia of all places, Sangre Eterna sound like Character-era Dark Tranquillity mixed with a bit of Eternal Tears of Sorrow--an impressive pedigree of melodeath to be sure. Their fresh and energetic take on the genre gives them a credibility that many of their copycat peers lack."
#13 - Top Albums of 2012 - List Compiled by Metal Joe "Metal Militia" on AMAZON

 KÄLTER - Ubuntu (2012) - MMR CD Distribution

KÄLTER - Spiritual Angel (2010)

Track By Track Overviews
MEMORIAN - Evolution: Metal Life Webzine

VALFREYA - Path To Eternity: Hail The Hero Webzine

MEMORAIN - Evolution (MMR009) - Shipping Now!!
Gene Hoglan / SteveDiGiorgio / Ralph Santolla / ChrisValagao / Ilias Papadakis
4 Tracks Streaming at the MMR YouTube Channel + All the MMR Artist's Videos



KÄLTER Ink Deal with Maple Metal Records:

KÄLTER - Rhythm of Passion Part II: The Gathering

KÄLTER - Spiritual Angel 'Live'

KEMILON - 'Twisted Storm' Reviews Posted

Music Video for KEMILON - 'The Revolution' - Enjoy!!

VALFREYA - Inferno (Official Video)

For Fans of ROCK BAND: NORDHEIM's hit song 'Beer, Metal, Trolls and Vomit!' has been Released for PS3 by the Rock Band Network !!  Click here: Rock Band 3

These Fans Hit Expert Level: Full Group Participation incl. Vocals

Also Avail. on Rock Band: MASSIVE SLAVERY's hit song 'Humanity's Last Hope' !!
Click right: Rock Gamer Studios

VALFREYA - Path to Eternity (MMR008) - ON SALE NOW via MMR: MMR Distro
With ‘Path to Eternity’ you’ll get carried away to an era where myths and legends are an everyday reality.  This 6 member Montreal band, lead by their charismatic and warrior-like frontwoman, deliver a catchy and aggressive, epic album within the viking/folk metal genre.

Their debut 10 song opus, ‘Path to Eternity’ is an impressive piece of work on all levels; music, concept and artwork, and is not only for the folk metal fan, but also for those that need a good dose of mead with their daily brutality.

Sharpen your blades, a glorious battle awaits ! 

Breaking Video: Epic Movie Battles Montage set to VALFREYA - 'Confront Immensity' from the album "Path to Eternity" (MMR008 / 2012) edited by Mat Paré of BOOKAKING Productions, Montreal.

Breaking Video: Dedicated to All the Fans of DIABLO III - Animated Video of SANGRE ETERNA - 'Lut Gholein', which is the name of the main city in Act 3 of the popular Video Game series DIABLO.  'Lut Gholein' is from the album SANGRE ETERNA - 'Asphyxia' (MMR006 / 2012).

MMR Artists KEMILON, NORDHEIM, KORPIUS, and VALFREYA are among the many acts confirmed for HELLFEST Lanaudiere, a three-day metalfest north of Montreal, QC, which will run from July 20th-22nd. Over 50 bands from Canada will participate in the event with more to be announced soon! View the Breaking News at BRAVEWORDS here: BRAVEWORDS NEWS

VIKING/FOLK Metal Day - MMR Artists VALFREYA & NORDHEIM Perform - Sat. July 21st
METAL DAY -  MMR Artists KORPIUS & KEMILON Perform - Sun. July 22nd

MUSIK UNIVERSE will Feature CD Reviews by Yanick Tremblay of All the MMR Artists this Week!
MASSIVE SLAVERY - 'Global Enslavement' (7.5/10) is the first Review Posted - Click below:
MASSIVE SLAVERY - 'Global Enslavement'
KEMILON - 'Twisted Storm' (8.2/10) Reviewed  by Yanick for Musik Universe - Click below:
KEMILON - 'Twisted Storm'
KORPIUS - 'Shades of Black' (8.0/10) Reviewed by Yanick for Musik Universe - Click below:
KORPIUS - 'Shades of Black'
SANGRE ETERNA - 'Asphyxia' (7.7/10) Reviewed by Yanick for Musik Universe - Click below
SANGRE ETERNA - 'Asphyxia'
NORDHEIM - 'Lost in the North' (8.5/10) Reviewed by Yanick for Musik Universe - Click below
NORDHEIM - 'Lost in the North'
SUBHUMAN - 'Profondo Rozzo' (8.0/10) Reviewed by Yanick for Musik Universe - Click below
SUBHUMAN - 'Profondo Rozzo'

MASSIVE SLAVERY auditioning New Drummers for upcoming Summer Shows and to play on their next album - the follow-up to the punishing 'Global Enslavement'! Contact Jon St-Pierre and Massive Slavery if you are interested in the Gig, via their Facebook page: MASSIVE SLAVERY FB